Vegan 101: Documentaries to Watch


Considering transitioning to a vegan lifestyle  and unsure where to start? Documentaries are a great way to ease into plant-based education. I always recommend taking notes to remind you about subjects that you want to research more!  

This post includes five of my favorite films. I wanted to keep this list diverse, so each film is very different! Hopefully you gain something from each. Let me know what your favorites are in the comments below!  

1. Cowspiracy  

Cowspiracy is one of my favorite documentaries that questions the impact of animal agriculture on the environment. Did you know that 51% of greenhouse gas emissions are produced by animal agriculture? The documentary creator attempts to explore environmental organizations like Green Peace and their relationship with the meat and dairy industry.  

Cowspiracy is provocative and informative, it lays out all the facts about the effect of animal agriculture on our environment and leaves you to make the decision about what is best for the world.  

🐄Check out the trailer here.

✓  Cowspiracy is available on Netflix


2. Earthlings  

This 90-minute documentary uses hidden camera footage to show the horrendous conditions that factory farm animals are subject to. The film explores the complex relationship that humans have with both farm animals and pets. 

Earthlings was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to watch, so be cautious. This documentary will stick with you. 

🌱Check out the trailer here.

 ✓ Earthlings is available on Youtube


3. Forks Over knives  

Forks Over Knives packs the entire 90 minutes with research-backed facts about a plant-based diet. If you are on the fence about the health benefits of eating vegan, this movie is for you.  

The film interviews several people who have overcome major illnesses by adopting a plant-based diet. Forks Over Knives consults T. Colin Campbell (author of The China Study), who has devoted his life to researching the benefits of a plant-based diet - I guarantee you will learn so much by listening to him!   

🍴Check out the trailer here.

* Bonus – Forks Over Knives is available for download from Netflix, it’s a great option to watch during your commute!  


4. Food Choices

After I watched Food Choices for the first time, I couldn’t stop recommending it to anyone who asked me about veganism (and even those who didn’t). The filmmaker Michal Siewierski explores the effect that your “food choices” have on your health, the planet and animals.

The documentary interviews several incredibly knowledgeable vegan influencers, activists and doctors, including: Rich Roll, Dr. Pam Popper and Dr. Michael Greger. I guarantee this film will make you see what is on your plate differently!  

🌽Check out the trailer here.

 * Bonus – Food Choices is available for download from Netflix, it’s a great option to watch during your commute!  


5. Vegan 2017

I discovered this documentary in late 2017, and it has become one of my most recommended films! This video explores factory farms, public food guides, and the link between the media and the meat/dairy industry! Vegan 2017 has an extremely intriguing section about vegan celebrities (did you know that Arnold Schwarzenegger eats a mostly plant-based diet now!). 

If you have 45 minutes and are looking for some up-to-date information about vegan issues and new vegan brands from the UK and North America, I highly suggest you check this out!  

🌏Check out the trailer here.

✓ Vegan 2017 is available on YouTube


Grab some popcorn, get comfy on the couch
and enjoy these life changing flicks!