Top 3 Vegan Restaurants in YVR


I am very fortunate to live in Vancouver, a city with so many amazing restaurants that are either vegan or that have incredible plant-based options. Picking my top three vegan options was way more difficult than I expected it to be. In fact, I couldn’t decide on only three favorites, instead of making this a never ending post I decided to pick three of my go-to’s (in no particular order!)

Top 3 vegan restaurants in YVR

1) Virtuous Pie

📍 Chinatown - 583 Main Street, Vancouver or UBC – 3339 Shrum Lane, Vancouver

If you ask anyone who has ever visited me in Vancouver, they will tell you that I always insist we have at least one meal at Virtuous Pie (and that they were not disappointed in my choice 😉). Virtuous Pie is known for their pizza, which is made entirely in-house. The restaurant also offers brunch, salad and ice cream. I’ve tried most of the choices at least once, and so far I haven’t found anything that I didn’t love.

Virtuous Pie has a small seat yourself section, if you want to dine in I recommend visiting during non-peak hours!

WHAT I RECOMMEND: In case I haven’t made it obvious already, I love everything VP has to offer. If I had to pick my two favorite pizzas they would be: Superfunghi and Stranger Wings (but trust me, you can’t make a wrong choice here)!


2. Heirloom

📍 1509 W 12th Ave, Vancouver

With high ceilings and a bright design, Heirloom is one of the most beautiful restaurants in Vancouver. I’ve always loved meeting up with friends for a Sunday morning brunch and because Heirloom offers vegan and vegetarian options there is something for everyone.

I haven’t visited Heirloom for dinner yet but it is on my “must-try” list!

WHAT I RECOMMEND: Banana French Toast with cashew cream (gluten free available)


3. Chau Veggie Express

📍 5052 Victoria Diver, Vancouver

Chau Veggie is the plant-based restaurant that is recommended to me the most when someone finds out that I’m vegan. The recommendations are for a great reason! Chow Veggie is my first choice for lunch after a great workout. The fresh Vietnamese food leaves you feeling refreshed and refuelled.

WHAT I RECOMMEND: Marketside Salad with Namaste Fresh Rolls on the side!



Let me know some of your YVR favorites in the comments ⬇️.