1.) Name
Connie Leung

2.) Location
Vancouver, BC

3.) Vegan or vegetarian?
Vegan (would eat one egg maybe once a month if I had to - Not by choice)

4.) How long?
6 years

5.) Your story/why you are vegan/vegetarian:
I became lactose intolerant back in 2010 and started to explore dairy-free alternatives; which mostly led to vegan dishes! This opened up my view towards all the different types of food available to us that I was never aware of - I then slowly transitioned to a plant-based diet.

6.) What is your favourite thing about being vegan/vegetarian?
Saving the planet and animals! Introducing new foods to my diet. Who knew Nutritional Yeast has both a cheese-y taste and packed full of Vitamin B12?

7.) How about your favourite meal(s)?
Toast with a variety of toppings - Both savory and sweet - as long as it is loaded with toppings!

8.) Have you noticed any positive changes since making the switch?
Yes - I feel happier that I am helping to save the animals and the planet. Therefore, my mood elevates, which makes me a happier person :)

9.) Advice/Tips for your fellow ⓥedgy community?
If you go out to eat with non-plant-based friends and they disagree with your choice of being a vegan/vegetarian, do not let that put you down because you have a whole community here to support you!

10.) Anything else you'd like to add? ie: your Instagram handle, a positive experience, etc.
Check my Instagram handle @conniekyleung for some colorful plant-based eats! Most of them are dishes I make and some are dishes I had at local small businesses in Vancouver. I once had a couple friends ask me to stop posting them because it makes them hungry at 12AM!