1.) Name: 
Amelia Clarke

2.) Location:
Calgary, AB

3.) Vegan or vegetarian?:

4.) How long?:
6 months

5.) Your story/Why you are vegan/vegetarian:
I tried vegetarian 4 years ago. I did it wrong and ended up going back to eating meat after three months. I sadly decided vegetarian or vegan was not for me (at this point I had only tried it out of being persuaded by a friend I admired, and had no knowledge about animal welfare). I wrote it off, until 3ish years later a friend switched to being vegan. Initially my thoughts were "that's awesome, but it's definitely still not for me!" I had all your generic excuses and reasons not to do it: "but protein", and "I just don't want to see what happens to the animals." I am embarrassed to admit it but it's the truth. My friend was so supportive and encouraging in asking me the right questions. She asked if I would be interested in researching the protein myth *with her*. I didn't feel judged and found myself that next morning researching it. It took me all of one morning to realize I didn't need to eat animals and I could do this again. I went over to her house and she cooked tofu for me to show me how delicious it was and we watched James Aspey videos on Youtube. That introduced to the animal welfare factor. I decided that night that not only was I going to give vegan a try but I was going to make it work no matter what. For me, being a huge animal lover, once I made the connection of the animal being on my plate there was no turning back. I wanted no part of paying directly for beautiful, sentient, caring beings to suffer on my accord.

6.) What is your favourite thing about being vegan/vegetarian?:
For me, it's knowing that I am no longer contributing to animal suffering. I feel so blessed and grateful every single day that my eyes were opened.

7.) How about your favourite meal(s)?:
Since switching, I've become a Thai food addict!! Thai food can be made vegan so, so easily (basically just swap tofu as the meat) and it's so flavourful and full of healthy veggies!

8.) Have you noticed any positive changes since making the switch?:
This is a story I could elaborate in much more detail in another post but I was able to basically cure an eating disorder in going vegan. My relationship with food went from a guilt ridden, obsessive one to a healthy, good one. I now see food as nourishment for me. I no longer obsess over calories and I eat what my body needs to feel healthy and well. I used to even feel guilty eating fruit and now I eat endless amounts all day everyday! On that note as well, I've seen no changes in my body. I've remained a healthy weight and have continued to put on muscle and stay lean. 

9.) Advice/Tips for your fellow ⓥedgy community?:
My advice is to never stop spreading the message. Be the voice for the voiceless. The animals need us so feel no shame in standing up and advocating for them. Be a proud vegan.